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Slot Machine Secrets

Secret Slot Machine Information
Good information, tips, and secrets
It’s no secret that most people want to be wealthy, but we all wish for a secret and easy way to do it. Whether it’s buying into a fad franchise or using a gimmick to beat the odds when gambling, you can bet that there are just as many money hungry individuals as there are ways to exploit their hunger. One of the ways to do this is by selling “expert” information about how best to beat the odds when playing slot machines. A good way to keep from falling prey to these self proclaimed “experts” is to learn as much as you can about what they are selling.

In the past, slot players have bought into certain concepts in order to increase their odds of winning. Concepts such as playing a machine that someone else has just lost quite a bit of money on, playing hot or cold coins and only playing machines at the entrance to a casino may have worked back in the day, but you’d be in sorry shape if you tried these tricks now.

Best Slot Machine Locations

Slot machines in the modern world are run by computer programs. These programs constantly calculate random winning combinations by millions of computer simulated spins using percentages and odds set by the manufacturer. A majority of these machines are programmed to pay out between 83% and 99% of the coins that are fed into them. No matter what kind of slot machine you play, there will always be coins going into a slot, cranks and buttons being pushed and pulled, and you standing there waiting to see if this is your magical moment or not.

Each machine uses a variety of three or more reels painted with symbols that can be anything from the number 7 to a picture of a cow. Progressive slot machines usually employ four reels and offer a jackpot that is open-ended. This means that the value of the jackpot increases after each pull on each machine in a linked group. While it is possible to play these machines and win, slots with more than three reels tend to make you poorer faster, so it’s a good idea to steer clear.

It’s also a good idea to play with coins rather than credits. People are often instructed to use credits with the idea of being more efficient and keeping track of a slot machine’s ups and downs. However, it can become very easy to forget the meaning of money in credit form. Yes, this is a psychological trick, but feeling the increase and decrease of coins can better help you “weigh” your options and can slow you down to extend the time you get to play.

A common slots misconception is thinking the more time and money you put into one machine the more likely you are to win. While making sure you don’t blow your bucket in the first two minutes of playing means more fun for a longer period of time, you could just as easily win in that first two minutes as you could if you sat there for an hour or more. Likewise, some people will tell you that a machine which has just hit the top jackpot will not hit that high again for an extended length of time. Due to the random nature of the computer program dictating when those jackpots take place, it is absolutely possible, while not probable, that a slot machine can hit two high jackpots back-to-back. Double-up machines are seen more frequently these days, but are usually kept surrounded by machines you would normally want to stay away from. Double-up symbols always have the word “double” printed on it and can be a circle or a diamond inside a circle. This symbol can substitute for any other symbol and will double the amount of payoff. You should also take some time to learn the difference between two-coin and three-coin machines and one payline versus three paylines. This basic knowledge can help you far more than a book of tricks and gimmicks.

This may seem obvious, but casinos are really the best places to find good slot machines. A casino thrives on getting people to continue playing as long as possible and they have come up with some of the greatest “free” advertising there is. Witnessing other people win money at a game of chance in which everyone has a perceived equal opportunity to win is the best way to grab your interest and keep you playing. Slots are an excellent tool for this kind of advertisement. They’re loud, they light up and they can be easily positioned in areas where large crowds can gather to cheer on a winner. A good place to find a “hot” slot would be near change booths, at the end of a row, near the casino bar and in the first open space you come to inside the front entrance of the casino.

If you should see a slot machine in a bus terminal, gas station, airport, drug store or on a cruise line you should walk away immediately and do not look back. Any slot you find in one of these non-gaming establishments is considered “cold”. These businesses do not count on your interest in that slot machine to keep themselves in operation. All that machine will do is take your money. You can also expect not to win big from any slot machine near a gaming table such as Craps, Texas Holdem or Blackjack. Casinos do not want to distract their higher paying customers with mere slot machines and will place low winning machines near these tables.

All this information may or may not help you to win big on slot machines, but it will help you make the right decision when offered a “get rich quick” book on how to cheat the slot system. The only way to win is to play and the only way to play is to have fun while doing it. Just like walking alone at night, know where to go and who to talk to and stay away from machines in dark corners. There is no right or wrong way to bet and luck does, in fact, have everything to do with it.

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