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Texas Holdem Poker Basics
So, you want to learn how to play poker, eh? Well, you have come to the right spot. Casino Watchdogs is here to give you the experience that you will need to play your first hand. Also, for those of you that have more than intermediate experience please check out our advanced strategies section. If you are looking for video poker tips please check out our Video Poker Strategy section.

For a beginning gambler, sitting at the Texas Holdem table can be an intimidating experience. The strategies, scare tactics, and sunglasses create an overwhelming and discouraging atmosphere, leaving the beginner scrambling to find his or her own playing approach.

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While competing strategies and theories do abound, simple techniques can help you stay grounded and eventually build a more sophisticated poker game. For instance, while it may at first seem risky and frightening to bet before the flop, it is an excellent way to increase your odds of ending with the top poker hand. Betting just enough to knock out squeamish players insures that their seemingly “weak” hands do not turn into great hands after the flop. .

A seven and two is notoriously the worst hand dealt in Texas Holdem, but if the seven and two appear in abundance later, that worst hand becomes a hand that will beat your high pair. By betting confidently early, you not only eliminate potential competitors, but make a positive statement about your own hand. .

If you end up with a top hand then you’ve established a hefty pot that you can confidently collect. If you end up with a mediocre hand you’ve created the sense that you have a strong hand, allowing you to bluff other players out of the pot. In either scenario, betting confidently early proves to be more effective than limping in after other players’ bets, which only drains your chips and makes no positive statement about your cards.

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Freeroll Poker Tournaments

Free Tournaments With No Points Required

Listed below are the upcoming freeroll online poker tournaments. These are events that you can play in for real cash. All you have to do is signup.

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Poker Room Day Time Amount
Royal Vegas Poker Monday 8AM EST $200
Royal Vegas Poker Monday 1PM EST $1000
Royal Vegas Poker Tuesday 8AM EST $200
Royal Vegas Poker Tuesday 1PM EST $1000
Royal Vegas Poker Wednesday 8AM EST $200
Royal Vegas Poker Wednesday 1PM EST $1000
Hollywood Poker Wednesday 11PM EST $250
Royal Vegas Poker Thursday 8AM EST $200
Royal Vegas Poker Thursday 1PM EST $1000
Royal Vegas Poker Friday 8AM EST $200
Royal Vegas Poker Friday 1PM EST $1000
Royal Vegas Poker Saturday 8AM EST $200
Royal Vegas Poker Saturday 1PM EST $1000
Royal Vegas Poker Sunday 8AM EST $200
Royal Vegas Poker Sunday 1PM EST $1000

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