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For many years at Casino Watchdogs, the players have ranked the online casinos. Now, the data is avaliable to the public. It is based on which online casino is highly ranked and avaliable by country, which online casino is available by state, and which online casino is avaliable by casino game type.

Game Type:

Mobile Gambling

Sports Mobile Gambling

Bet On Sports With Your Cell Phone


People nowadays prefer to place bets on major sporting events like the World Cup, FIFA, horse racing and other sports through the mobile phone. One can easily get up to date news and statistics through the mobile and thus be able to give intelligent and informed mobile gambling decisions. Mobile gambling means having the ability to place bets and see it's results on the mobile phone. This can be done anywhere - at home, in the office or even while you are on the train commuting home as all this is done through the mobile phone!

This facility is also known as wireless wagering. It is available on most of the mobiles available today which are powered by Windows Mobile, Symbian OS, RIM including Java and browser based phones. With mobile gambling, one can bet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the comfort of one's house.


Mobile Gambling Casinos

Casino That Allow Cell Phone Betting


Most of the mobile gambling companies enable one to bet, browse through their odds and receive bet notifications through mobile devices like mobile phones, PDAs and handheld computers. Once the bet has been settled, the company sends the bet notification as an instant message alert to the mobile phone of the gambler. This message informs the person betting as to whether the bet had been won or lost, and if there is sufficient space, the score of the game is added. All one has to do to activate this feature is to choose the SMS alert option when placing the bet. One usually receives 10 messages free of charge with the additional messages being charged. Some mobile gambling companies provide their subscribers with a betting in-running commentary on games like football, golf, cricket and tennis.

For one to be able to use their mobile phone for gambling, one has to be sure that the mobile phone is WAP enabled. Most of the phones which are less than 2 years old are most likely to be WAP enabled. To bet, one has to go to the internet via the mobile phone and then to the WAP or services section from the main menu. Then you have to type the gambling service you use. Once connected, log in with the existing username and password, and start gambling!

Payment Methods Of Mobile Gambling

The main thing that lies in mobile gambling is of course, the payment part. Most of the mobile gambling companies accept major currencies of the world like the US dollar and Euros. The modes of deposit and withdrawal that are accepted are through credit cards like VISA and Mastercard, wire transfer, cashiers check, instant echeck deposit, instacash and FedEx which is for withdrawal only.


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