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Casino Affiliate Programs

Best Casino Affiliate Programs


Casino Affiliate Programs

Online gambling is definitely here to stay. In the last year alone, over 8 billion dollars was wagered in online sportsbooks, casinos, and poker rooms. With competition for players at an all time high, one way casinos try to get a leg up is by offering web sites a certain percentage on player’s activity. Web sites can participate in this potential gold mine by joining a casino affiliate program. These programs are designed to help increase traffic to casino sites through other web sites. In this article, we will take a closer look at these programs, and the benefits provided to webmasters and online casinos.

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Casino Affiliates : Booming Business

With close to 2000 sportsbooks and casinos operating online, it is imperative for each to find new ways to direct traffic (and profits) to their respective site. By enlisting the help of other webmasters, online casinos can place an ad or banner on a certain site and attract attention to their own. Members of a casino affiliate program have the opportunity to have these ads placed on their site, and in the process make a profit of their own. Casinos who sign up with these programs will track the new members who found them through an affiliate site, and in return will pay the affiliate site 25% - 40 % commission based on that player’s losses. According to the latest studies, the average profit an online casino makes is $75 per player per month, so as you can see the potential for profit is definitely present.

Choosing a Program

With hundreds of affiliate programs to choose from, it can sometimes be hard to filter out which are reputable, and which to avoid. There are several web sites which monitor these programs, to make sure they pay the advertised revenue share. One such site is, and they do a solid job of reviewing each program and tracking payments of each. They also provide a blacklist of programs to avoid. If considering joining a program, just be sure to do a thorough background check, and do your homework before proceeding.

Profit Potential

With any new venture, there is a risk/reward theme in play with casino affiliate programs. The potential is there to make money, but only if you sign on with a reputable, established firm. Remember that casinos want players directed to their site, so you will most surely be rewarded if that traffic is generated through your web page. If you join a respected program, you could be on your way to a nice extra income each month. Good luck!


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