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Best slot machine locations

Best Location To Play a Slot Machine


Casinos regularly install machines that have greater payout levels. They do this simply because the sound of a falling jackpot really does entice players to go and spend their money on these machines. If these machines are full then people move on to another machine with the ringing of the money hitting the tray still fresh in their mind. Once upon a time the big jackpot machines with the highest payout rate were placed by the entrance to attract people in and by the exit to stop people leaving but times have changed and strategies are different.

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Best Location To Play a Slot Machine

Sometimes in a casino you see the elevated platforms with one sole machine. By placing a loose machine in this area the casino know that it can be seen and heard from virtually every angle, which will open tight pockets and encourage people to part with their money. Nothing encourages a player more than hearing a falling jackpot.

Slots Makes a change

The change machines and change booths tend to have loose machines right next to them. When people are stood around cueing for change and they hear the noise of the money falling into the tray they want to get back to the machines as soon as possible to win some for themselves.

The slot machine side shows

Coffee shops, cheap machines and free side shows always have a looser machine next to them because it encourages people away from the attractions that yield less profit and over to the big profit, low cost slot machines.

Best slot Machine Locations Secrets

Casinos use the placement of all their games in a very big way. Similarly to the way that superstores strategically place items a casino does the same thing. In the same way that a superstore changes aisle placement around so you have to look around to find what you want casinos will try similar practises to get you to play on the less popular games.

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